Skopuh - najbolj skopa izvedba

genre: an absolute solo performance
length: 75 min.
all functions: Andrej Rozman Roza

produced by: Rozinteater and KUD France Prešeren, 2007

While inspired by Molière's Miser, this play deals above all with Slovenes and our attitudes towards language and culture at a time when, both officially and personally, we are ever more committed to the laws of the marketplace and the principle of economic competitiveness. Although the play is connected with the economist Mićo Mrkaić’s statement about the immorality of Slovene culture, its primary target is the general Slovene blindness to the truly small market for works in the Slovene language. 

"The Most Miserly Presentation of The Miser is yet another product of Rozman’s immortal feeling for the situationally comic and for topical accentuation. In his one-man performance with bits of junk we find more of a deadly serious Slovenia than in all our cultural and scientific institutions combined." (Peter Kolšek, Delo, 9 March 2007)