The rent, or, we are the nation on the best location

genre: comedy
length: 80 min.
author, and director: Andrej Rozman Roza
performed by: Andrej Rozman Roza and Mirel Knez
costume designer: Meta Sever
sound effects: Goran Završnik
light and sound: Matjaž Štirn

produced by: Rozinteater and KUD France Prešeren, 2007

The play arose from a desire to find the humorous side of a language-conscious person’s confrontation with the harsh reality of globalization. The story develops from the encounter between the middle-aged tenant of a de-nationalized flat and the new owner, a young woman who was born and raised abroad, and offers a critical, comic, and acerbic look at how Slovenes relate to their culture and language.