Money is ninety-seven percent made up

Money is ninety-seven percent made up,
which means the imagination has long been on top;
and even heavy industry, which claims to be reality,
is all based on money, and that’s mostly make-believe.

Because stocks are all abstract and floating,
it’s not clear anymore who owns them
so no one’s to blame when people are strapped –
that’s just the way the system adapts;

the kind of stuff that dreams are made on
is also what our bullshit’s based on.

We mostly buy stories, not things that are practical;
we mostly know people who are fiction, not actual;
not fairness but fairy-tales rule our establishment,
they’re what the world’s built on, it’s hard to demolish ’em

And all those princesses and princes
have more than powerful connections;
they have fabulous wealth and riches,
which means they’re fabulously respected.

The ordinary guy is drowning in debt,
but fairy-tale people survive on their cred.

And if we all suddenly set our feet on real ground,
civilization would likely come tumbling down.

But if fairy-tale finances don’t strain our credulity,
why can’t we believe in a more just society?

(translated by Rawley Grau)