Passion de Pressheren

genre: one-man comi-tragedy
length: 65 min.
author, director, and performer: Andrej Rozman Roza
poems by: France Prešeren, Janez Vesel, Jakob Zupan
costume designer: Meta Sever
music by: Goran Završnik
lighting designer: Matjaž Štirn
produced by: Rozinteater and KUD France Prešeren, 2008

Based on fact, the play presents, in a somewhat caricatured way, the period in Slovene history when, parallel with the increasing despair of France Prešeren, the nation’s greatest Romantic poet, the notion of a "United Slovenia" – the unification of all Slovene-speaking lands within the Austrian Empire – was gaining ground. Through the character of Prešeren and several of his contemporaries, Andrej Rozman Roza takes the viewer from the beginnings of the poet’s career, through his collaboration with the erudite literary scholar Matija Čop, to the triumph of the exalted poems of national awakening by the pompous Jovan Vesel Koseski, the March Revolution, and Prešeren’s death.